Daniel Craig As Bond in Casino Royale - The Biggest Studio IP Swap Ever? - MMO Bond p6 - Ep 306


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The James Bond Character Study continues with our review of Casino Royale, the first of the Daniel Craig 007 films. The production backstory marks a seminal moment in film history, we gush over his smoldering performance, & then we still got all your favorite segments. DANIEL CRAIG’S JAMES BOND CHARACTER STUDY, P.1 CASINO ROYALE: NONSPOILER SECTION Getting Into Character - 2:28 (Including One of the Biggest Trades in Studio History) His Performance As Bond Overall - 9:36 (Smolderingly Faulted) SPOILER WARNING - 18:07 SPOILER-FILLED SECTION The Spy Who’s Not Me - 19:12 (Why We Want To, But Never Could Be, This James Bond) Live and Let Dad Joke - 27:11 (This Bond’s Best [Worst?] One Liners) Dr. Please God No - 30:46 (Problematic Interactions w/ Women Through 2020 Eyes) Always Say Never Again - 37:45 (Moral Issues Through 2020 Eyes) Q Only Lives Once - 42:06 (The Cars, Gadgets, and Tech of Bond) They’re Why Tomorrow Never Dies - 44:24 (The Struggles of These Bond Baddies) Goldfingers - 52:42 (We Fix The Bond Baddies) License To Bill - 55:00 (Totaling Up Bond’s Civic Damage) Your Homework/PLEASE LEAVE US 5*’S - 58:50 What’s Next From MMO/Words of Wisdom - 59:46 Our series moves into the modern era with a new blonde Bond in Daniel Craig and with his first film, Casino Royale. Now since No Time To Die moved back from April to November and because we decided to record The James Bond Character Study on a monthly basis, you’re gonna get full reviews of each of the last 4 Daniel Craig 007 films heading into the fall. As always, we begin with a full non-spoiler segment for the opening 18 minutes, where we give you some of the history of how Craig got in character, including a story about how the film industry may have changed forever & the historical significance of this smoldering performance to bring 007 into a new era. Then in our spoiler section, we still have all your favorite pun-filled segments. The Spy Who’s Not Me is where we enjoy the fantasy elements, and Live and Let Dad Joke is how we discuss the best one liners. We discuss some progress this franchise has made, but there’s not enough as we delve into some of the worst scenes with Dr. Please Oh God No and Always Say Never Again. But we’re back to the good stuff as we talk about all the cool cars, gadgets, and tech in Q Only Lives Once. There’s a Reason Tomorrow Never Dies and Goldfingers is a celebration of the inept antagonism from these super villains, and then we finish with perhaps our favorite segment, License To Bill, where we tally up all of the damage Bond causes in dollars & cents. Let us know what you think of Casino Royale. We’re @MMandOscar on Twitter, and we are on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and Gmail. You can subscribe / rate / review / like / share / & listen to us on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Google Play, Tune In, Spotify, and just about wherever you might listen. We’re Mike, Mike, & Oscar, and we’re making awards season year round, without the stuffiness. Thanks for listening.

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