Golden Globes '21 Recap + Reactions - Routine Mayhem - ORC 3/1/21


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Andra Day, Jodie Foster, and Rosamund Pike shook up the actress races. Chadwick Boseman, Daniel Kaluuya, and Sacha Baron Coen crystallized the actor’s side. We also bicker like fools over our predictions. It’s our annual Golden Globes review & recap. Don’t miss it. What is This Episode?/Recapping The Scandal - Top of Show . HFPA EQUALITY SCANDAL + HOW IT WAS HANDLED GLOBES NIGHT: Willful Ignorance on HFPA’s Part - 2:41 Fumbled From The Red Carpet On - 4:31 45 Seconds of WTF?! - 7:20 Skeptical Programming - 12:10 Jane Fonda is An Actual Saint - 15:14 Long Term HFPA Effects - 20:15 . STUDIO WIN TALLIES - 22:30 (Including AlsoMike is Both Perfect and a Liar) . ACTRESS CATEGORIES LEAVE EVERYONE STUNNED: Andra Day, Rosamund Pike, + Jodie Foster All Win - 30:17 Mike1 is a Genius, and You Owe Him $$ - 32:00 Glenn Close’s Final Form - 35:00 Andra + Jodie Crash the Oscars Party - 36:50 . GOLDEN GLOBES 2021 RECAP” Monologue, Tech, and Cringe Worthy Cuts- 41:05 Kaluuya + Andra Day Suffer Glitches in Their Speeches - 43:30 Catherine O’Hara in a Tomato Can - 48:15 Soul is Still Great - 49:44 Mark Ruffalo, Aaron Sorkin Each Make Statements - 52:!3 Maya! - 55:51 Norman Lear Gets The Carol Burnett Award - 57:14 Tracy Morgan Steals The Show, Awards Dianne Warren + Soul - 59:06 Sudeikis + Schitt’s Creek Win Big for TV Comedy - 1:02:50 Sean Penn Still Fundraising - 1:05:12 Lee Issac Chung Makes a Great Acceptance Speech - 1:07:36 The Crown, Queen’s Gambit, Are Winners - 1:10:47 Taylor Simone Ledward Is Strength Personified - 1:12:41 Chloe Zhao’s Big Night Starts - 1:14:35 Sacha Baron Cohen’s Too - 1:16:00 Nomadland is Best Picture - 1:17:00 . Winners and Losers - 1:21:22 . Where To Find Us/LEAVE US A 5* REVIEW! - 1:25:08 Words of Wisdom/What’s Coming Next - 1:25:55 We have strong criticisms for the HFPA during the start of this show. Luckily for all of us, however, we heard the voices of Jane Fonda and Norman Lear, Taylor Simone Ledward and Lee Isaac Chung, Chloe Zhao, Sacha Baron Coen, and so very many who seized their moments to not only save the night, but perhaps much much more. The 2020/21 Golden Globes had more to review, recap, and react to than any awards show in recent memory. Although we begin with another tough conversation about the industry, we’re heartened by such strong displays of wisdom, hope, and leadership that we can thankfully get back to doing what we do here at MMO - talking about awards season. So the conversation flew by in this massive episode of Mike, Mike, and Oscar - made all the larger because we also spent valuable time here as Mike, Mike, and Emmy. Of course, it helped that we covered more TV than ever this year. But we also had fun reacting to our predictions. Otherwise, the Globes still managed to Globe, and we truly got some shocking wins from gambling longshots. Though one Mike was definitely more shocked than the other, and for good reason, cuz Mike 1 made the dang prediction! Look, these reaction shows are never something you can thoroughly prep. But we do think an episode like this one represents a lot of what we try to do here on MMO. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did, and if so, do please support the show by rating, reviewing, and spreading the word about Mike, Mike, and Oscar. As always, we want to hear your thoughts. We’re at MMandOscar on Twitter, and we are at Mike, Mike, and Oscar on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and Gmail. You can subscribe / rate / review / like / share / & hear us on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Google Play, Tune In, Spotify, and just about wherever you might listen. We’re Mike, Mike, & Oscar, and we’re making awards season year round, without the stuffiness. Thank you! And do stay safe, everybody.

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