Oscar Olympics '16/17 - '19/20 - The Best of the Best of the Best of the Best - Ep 311


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We hand out gold, silver, & bronze medals to the last 4 years of Oscar winners, and we did 19 categories all in one show! It’s a tournament of champions, it’s a wide angle lens look back, & we get matchups like Frances vs Olivia, Coco vs Spider-Verse, & Parasite vs Moonlight! What Are The Oscar Olympics? - Top of Show The Rules - 2:10 (***HOW YOU CAN PLAY ALONG - 2:48***) THE OSCAR OLYMPICS ’16-19: 1. Best Visual FX - 3:39 2. Film Editing - 6:25 3. Costume Design - 9:19 4. Makeup and Hairstyling - 12:41 5. Cinematography - 15:32 6. Production Design - 19:01 7. Original Song - 21:48 8. Original Score - 23:28 9. Documentary Feature - 26:00 10. International Feature - 28:09 11. Animated Feature - 30:08 12. Adapted Screenplay - 32:45 13. Original Screenplay - 36:32 14. Supporting Actress - 40:39 15. Supporting Actor - 41:50 16. Best Actor - 45:10 17. Best Actress - 47:53 18. Best Director - 54:02 19. Best Picture - 1:00:25 Medal Count/Breakdown - 1:04:35 Who Wins These Oscar Olympics? - 1:05:35 Your Homework/PLEASE LEAVE US 5*’S - 1:09:33 What’s Next From MMO/Words of Wisdom - 1:10:50 Without as many new films to review as usual, Mike & I have thoroughly enjoyed all our Top 5 Episodes during this quarantine. But let’s be honest, we’ve also been trying to figure out a new way to look back at past Academy Awards. Add to that, the fact that the Olympic games have been postponed to 2021, and in lieu of sports returning (maybe) in the month of August, we wanted to take our power ranking format to a new level and an old focus. So we decided to rank the last 4 years of Oscar winners in their own Olympiad! In fact, if you divide 92 by 4, you get 23 Olympiads in total. So it was the appropriate summer to create a simple format for The Oscar Olympics, and we hope you play along. Here’s what it is. You give out gold, silver, and bronze medals to the last 4 winners in any category. We did 19, and you could do likewise...or you can just make your case for the highly contested ones. Do let us know your thoughts via any of our social media platforms, and we’ll gladly share your thoughts in our upcoming episodes. Apologies for only two shows this week as unfortunately, we had some scheduling issues due to some family obligations and untimely injuries. But M1 certainly thanks you for all your well wishes regarding his foot, and for the record, he hasn’t even stopped working out. So kudos to him, and thank you for your patience this week. Hopefully, we still gave you two sizeable shows to give you that movie talk fix. So do let us know your picks for The Oscar Olympics. We’re @MMandOscar on Twitter, and we are on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and Gmail. You can subscribe / rate / review / like / share / & listen to us on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Google Play, Tune In, Spotify, and just about wherever you might listen. We’re Mike, Mike, & Oscar, and we’re making awards season year round, without the stuffiness. Thanks for listening.

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