Palm Springs Review - How I Met Your Multiverse - Ep 309


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Palm Springs makes us laugh early & often, and that’s reason enough to click play. But we each have baggage when it comes to romcoms. So when it’s time to slam this plot for being as lazy as one of its characters, we don’t hold back. PALM SPRINGS OSP(?) REVIEW NONSPOILER REVIEW: Production Profile - 1:48 Plot Premise/Expectations - 5:41 Production Values - 7:25 Performances - 8:46 Script Thoughts - 11:02 Watch or Not? - 17:20 SPOILER WARNING - 18:10 SPOILER-FILLED REVIEW: DQ Worst 1: He’s Not Worthy - 19:34 DQ Worst 2: Forgot About Roy - 25:15 DQ Worst 3: Ends and Means - 29:07 (Including…Darkness Falls) Bests - 34:15 FINAL THOUGHTS AND GRADES - 39:47 Your Homework/LEAVE US 5 *’S - 41:25 What’s Next From MMO/Words of Wisdom - 42:22 Another streaming premiere, and you get another mixed review from MMO. We’d rather that NOT be the case, since of all the July 10th new releases, we wanted to enjoy Palm Springs first. But we’ve gotta call them like we see them, and it’s not the first time an MMO review has gone against critical consensus. Some of the biggest movies in our history (cough! Parasite) have surprised our listeners with surprising takes from us Mikes. So the stakes for this one are higher than you’d think. That means your feedback is as important as ever. Where did we go wrong on this one? Or do you think we’re in the right headspace? Do send us your thoughts. But as always, our movie review episodes have two sections. Non-spoilers come first, followed by a deconstruction of the plot after a spoiler warning. Should this have been more sci-fi or romance? Which worked better? Then who’s the funniest cast member? Who’s our favorite character? Does love really exist, and is time, in fact, a flat circle? This film may not have answered all those questions, but our review sure does. Stay tuned for more movie reviews in our near future as First Cow is next up in our plans with The Old Guard and Greyhound as other possibilities. Otherwise, MMO Weekly will come back soon, and we’re always looking for more opportunities to do Oscar Race Checkpoint or Top 5 shows. Though the world may repeat the same boring days over and over, you won’t get an infinite time loop of shows from us. As we stated in our last episode, we have many ideas on upcoming new series, and we want to hear your thoughts. We’re @MMandOscar on Twitter, and we are on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and Gmail. You can subscribe / rate / review / like / share / & listen to us on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Google Play, Tune In, Spotify, and just about wherever you might listen. We’re Mike, Mike, & Oscar, and we’re making awards season year round, without the stuffiness. Thanks for listening.

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