Episode 227 - Back in the Studio


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Back to recording in person, Adrian fights for dominance in Dune Imperium, Zach plays it spicy in Twilight, and Jeff tries to recover from a drunken bender in Disco Elysium.

  • 00:00:10 - Back in the Studio! MHDD had a finale, updates to studio
  • 00:06:00 - What have we been playing?: Dune Imperium, Twilight Imperium 4th via TTS, LOTR Journeys in Middle Earth: Shadowed Paths
  • 00:53:08 - Banter break! Featuring: Chairs, Houses, Stellaris, Disco Elysium, Returnal
  • 01:17:47 - News: Golden Geek 2020
  • 01:27:09 - KS: My Father's Work
  • 01:33:58 - Emails!
  • 01:36:25 - Paulo's Youtube Corner

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