Ep44. HILL AFB: The HiFi Murders


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In 1974, five people were held at a local HiFi shop at gun point, as a few men raided the store of all of its audio equipment. The five people were Carol Naisbitt, Cortney Naisbitt, Orren Walker, Stanley Walker, and Michelle Ansley. The captives plead for their lives – telling the perpetrators to take everything they wanted but to spare them their lives.

However, what occurred in the HiFi basement was something out of a horror movie. Some of the victims were executed, some of the victims were tortured, and a few victims lived to tell the tale that would haunt the small sleepy community of Ogden, Utah for the last few decades.

Dig in with Margot as she discusses the most horrific crime in Utah history. This is the story of the HiFi murders.


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