Ep45. COLD CASE SOLVED: Kathleen Doyle & Aundria Bowman


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In 1980, two Navy wives were murdered in Norfolk, Virginia, while their husbands were away on duty. One murder was quickly solved, but the other would grow cold and stay that way for 40 years! Until 2018, when detectives would send off some sheets for DNA testing. DNA and genealogy would combine to hunt down a monster that needed to be snagged off the streets. But detectives would soon learn, his 1980 murder, was not his only one.

Dig in with Margot as she discusses the murder of Kathleen Doyle and Aundria Bowman at the hands of potential serial killer – Dennis Lee Bowman.


For updates to the case, make sure you are following the Found Aundria M. Bowman Facebook page where Cathy Terkanian keeps everyone abreast of updates in the case.

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