Ep46. The Survival of Megan Hiatt


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In 2014, 19-year old, Megan Hiatt created an online dating profile. She met a Navy man by the name of Gawain “Rush” Wilson. They were smitten and within 2 months, their whirlwind romance resulted in the pair moving in together and a month later, they were pregnant with twin girls. They were over the moon, but soon, Rush would show his true colors – easily agitated, extremely apologetic, and hypercritical of everything Megan did. But Megan, the product of a broken home, wanted to make things work for the baby girls she was carrying. Megan didn’t believe she was the victim of domestic abuse, because Rush never put his hands on her. After the girls were born, Megan had made up her mind to leave for the third and final time…but she made a frightful decision that altered her family and life forever. She told Rush she was leaving.

Dig in with Margot as she describes what lead to a brutal 2015 triple murder-suicide that Megan Hiatt survived.


If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic abuse – please seek help.

Domestic Violence Hotline:

800.799.SAFE (7233)

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