Episode 15: Capt. Jared Raskob - Bonefish Wizard, TV Personality, Family Man


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Very rarely do you hear of a young person doing something so consistently outstanding that the old timers open their eyes and say - "WOW!"
This episode is the story of a young Jared Raskob who was constantly catching monster fish. Young people have young eyes but Jared's are legendary, and elder anglers sought him out. He was doing extraordinary things on the flats.
Raskob's reputation erupted and shook up the status quo. I'd left the game by then but from afar admired what I'd been hearing. He'd jumped into the tournament fray and won, and won everything! I finally met this shining star and enjoyed everything about him. He was cool, fun, and assertive - his 6' something frame had a dominant presence.
On this episode we sat down with this Jedi and laughed, and spoke of many things including the new millennials soon to run everyone over.
Game changers don't come around very often but this one is a legend in the making!

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