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The Millennial Money podcast flips the script on the “old school” approach to money. No stodgy tips, mean talk, lectures, or dull money boredom. Millennial Money is relatable, inspiring, and a little bit gritty. Host and award-winning Certified Financial Planner Shannah Compton Game helps listeners uncover money tips and tricks to help them live life to its fullest. Each week Millennial Money creates a safe space by talking with special guests from around the world discussing all the money secrets you want to know - how to build wealth, how to flow your cash, investing, money wellness, side hustles and entrepreneurship, traveling, and so much more. By sharing stories from different perspectives and walks of life, listeners discover what works for them and can leave their money worries at the door. This podcast is for everyone, because after-all, millennial is a way of thinking, not just an age!

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