The ABCs of How to Build Your Credit Score & Why It Matters (reboot) | Marsha Barnes


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Your credit score has power and that three-digit number has a dramatic impact on your financial future. If you do nothing else this year, grab your credit score the tail and yank it up to 700+ (preferably over 740). You don’t have to go all crazy trying for an 850 score – but don’t get lazy. Even if you have a good score, it could drop tomorrow by one silly mishap.

Marsha Barnes from The Finance Bar will share her best tips to get your score in check for the new year in this reboot episode.

What You'll Learn

  • Why your credit score is a powerful piece of your financial future
  • How to create a better financial brand for yourself
  • Which credit scoring models do you need to care about
  • What action steps you should take this year to raise your score
  • How your score impacts your job and where you live
  • Why Marsha is so passionate about financial literacy


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