MPOV #1: What is a Millennial?


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Episode Details 28 May - 62MB - 45min


We strive for a fair and dare I say logical, approach to the political and cultural events that we hear about every day. We are here to offer a little education, a little analysis and hopefully a lot of fun. In this episode, we ask the question What is a Millennial? Spoilers it sucks. We also touch on the insanity of twitter surrounding the gun debate and the Wes Anderson film Isle of Dogs and its possible impact on culture.


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Links and Show Notes

Pew Research Center Defining Millennials

The US has been at War most of Millennials lifetime

Millennial Men are 10 times less likely to be veterans than the Men of the Silent Generation

End of the US Draft

Millennials Earn 20% Less than Baby Boomers at the Same Sage in Life

Perception vs Reality of Millennials

Underemployed and Optimistic

Millennials will outnumber Baby Boomer in 2019

BBC - The Millennial Stereotype

Washington Post: Bill Maher

Laura Ingrahm Tweet

Hollywood Reporter: Isle of Dogs

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