MPOV #3: Millennials and Elections


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We strive for a fair and dare I say logical, approach to the political and cultural events that we hear about every day. We are here to offer a little education, a little analysis and hopefully a lot of fun. In this episode, we explore millennial voting and the impact they have and should have on elections. In Suggestion Box, we talk about Colin Kaepernick as well as the passing of Barbara Bush, then learn a little bit about movie musicals.


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Links and Show Notes

Deep Dive

Elections Statistics on Millennial Voting

Trump v. Clinton v. Sanders

Clinton's Struggle with Millennials

Gov Track Bills and Measures in US Congress

What Is Your Congressional District

Ballotpedia: A Free Encyclopedia of American Politics and Elections

A Wikipedia for Elections, written by a professional staff of researchers committed to being neutral

Suggestion Box

Fresno State Professor

Colin Kaepernick Wins Award

Culture Pop

Indiana Joan

Hello, Dolly!

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