MPOV #4: Millennial Media


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We strive for a fair and dare I say logical, approach to the political and cultural events that we hear about every day. We are here to offer a little education, a little analysis and hopefully a lot of fun. In this episode, we discuss what is the news and how has it changed, especially for millennials. In the suggestion box we open up the gun debate again and the weirdness around Canadian Baby Walkers, as well as, the new Secretary of State.


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Links and Show Notes

Deep Dive

MPOV #1: What is a Millennial? - Conceit

Mainstream Media

Viral Media

ABC - AZ Teacher Salary

Facebook Post has since been deleted

CNN - Arizona Teacher Walkout

American Press Institute - How Millennials Get Their News

Suggestion Box

POLITICO - African American Feel Left Out of Gun Debate

Huffington Post - Why Baby Walkers are Banned

ABC - Walkers Should Be Banned

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