MSF Podcast 15: What's The Spiritual Tea in Black Pop Culture? With The Conjure Cleaner


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On Episode 15 of the MSF Podcast, we had one of my absolute faves back on, James E. Stewart aka The Conjure Cleaner, to spill the spiritual tea on what’s been happening in Black Pop Culture during the recent Mercury Retrograde shadow period. This has been one helluva summer! Topics include: - Tik Tok witches hexing the moon lol - Spiritual #ENTANGLEMENTS and how to recognize when you’re in one! - Jada’s Kali energy and what about Scientology?! - Sex Magick - Most frequently asked question about spirituality - Dealing with a partner or family who are weary of your Hoodoo practices - What’s going on with Kanye? Perceptions of mental illness and Black communities - Kris Jenner’s Occult Past - also covered are MegTheeStallion and upping spiritual protection, Nick Cannon, and Lady Red Couture (Rest in Peace) Guest Bio: James E. Stewart is a Hoodoo practitioner, Tarot reader, and the owner of Conjure Cleaning (a spiritual home cleansing company). Born, raised, and currently residing in Durham, North Carolina. Instagram: TheConjureCleaner

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