MSF Podcast 17: A Convo w/ Stoned Bastet - Tarot Reader, Conjurer, and Herbalist


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In Episode 17, I sit down with Stoned Bastet, Tarot Reader, Conjurer, and Herbalist. This was such a fun show and we covered a lot of topics, many of which focused around using Hoodoo for Black women’s empowerment. Here a concise rundown of what we talked about but there’s wayyyy more: • Motherhood and Hoodoo • The process of creating oils for healing and metaphysical purposes and how she created a specific one for evening out her breast sizes after breastfeeding! • Her journey to learning about tarot and then eventually Hoodoo • Her process for learning to read tarot and resources that she used and how she gained confidence as a reader • Esoteric Meaning Behind Stoned Bastet • Resources for beginning learners in Hoodoo (apologies for the feedback in the background, my candle was burning and cracking away lol)

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