“An Instrument For The Sovereignty Of Peoples” Camila Escalante On MAS’s Return To Power


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This is a quick special report. In this episode we interview TeleSUR English presenter and Kawsachun News co-founder Camila Escalante. Camila shares with us the latest news coming out of Bolivia today October 19th, after the Movement Toward Socialism seemingly had a resounding victory at the polls yesterday October 18th, returning to power just a year after a US backed coup d’etat removed Evo Morales from power. We talk to Camila about the past year, the election, and concerns to watch for in the restoration of power for MAS.

We also talk about the base of MAS and western mainstream narratives that have been disrupted by this overwhelming display of democratic support for this socialist movement in Bolivia. Camila also discussed the critical importance of movement journalism to counter western mainstream propaganda and US state department imperialist objectives against socialist movements.

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