“In The Spirit of Abolition” - Jailhouse Lawyers Speak Calls For Shut ‘Em Down Demonstrations


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In this episode we catch up with representatives from Jailhouse Lawyers Speak. They talk about the state of the prison abolition and prisoner support movements from their perspective. JLS describe an exodus of liberals from prisoner support movements with the election of Joe Biden. A dangerous trend given Joe Biden's track record as a key figure in the expansion of prison, jails and police power historically.

They also talk about the weaponization of COVID-19 inside prisons as well as the insufficient response from people outside the walls, in light of the genocidal policy COVID-19 policies in US prisons.

This summer, JLS is calling for national “Shut ‘Em Down” demonstrations at jails, prisons, and detention centers around the country on August 21st and on September 9th.

In addition JLS provides updates from their International Law Project with the National Lawyers Guild. They also talk about changing demand number 9 of the 10 demands to include the immediate release of all political prisoners.

Finally we talk about other concerns coming from inside prisons today, and JLS challenges folks on the outside to move in the spirit of abolition in solidarity with prisoners on the inside.

To be added to the endorsement list for the Shut ‘Em Down campaign: email outthemud.jls@protonmail.com

For media inquiries related to that campaign: media@incarceratedworkers.org

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