Discovering Your 3 Belief Gaps and How to Close Them


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We all have beliefs. We are raised to believe certain things like “eat your broccoli so you can grow up strong” or “do unto others as we would want others to do unto you.” But as we reach adulthood.. often times there is a gap between what we believe and what we are actually doing. Those gaps could be at the root of our unhappiness, anxiety and could potentailly paralyze us from becoming the person we truly desire. Today is a new beginning. Join me and my guest, Hyrum Smith, as we discuss his new book, The 3 Gaps, to help you identify what those gaps might be in your life and how to begin to take action on closing them.
Hyrum Smith is the co-founder and former CEO of Franklin-Covey. He is also a prolific author, world renowned speaker and all-around great human being. He spoke at the International eWomenNetwork Conference and Business Expo a couple of years back and will be speaking there again this August.

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