How to Become a Celebrity in Your Own Business


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When we think of celebrities, we equate that with being famous… superstars from stage, screen and Television. The Kardashians, Meryl Streep and the Beatles come to mind. But if you broke down what makes them superstars… actually all of us could become celebrities in our own right.
Join me as talk to the President and co-founder of eWomenNetwork, Kym Yancey, who is a celebrity of the music type. He was the drummer of the 70’s funk band, “Sun,” where they performed on stages all over the world, the TV show Soul Train, and received a Gold album with Capital Records.
Now, a large part of what Kym does at eWomenNetwork is help turn regular people like you and me into celebrities. Listen in and find out the key components to making your a star, so you can shine your light on the world.

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