The Truth about Alcoholism & How to Succeed in Life


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Alcoholism is a nasty disease. It takes hold of you and robs you of any common sense and often thrusts you into a path of destruction. There are many rehab programs out there and one that is most common is Alcoholics Anonymous or AA. AA is a 12-step program with the basic principle that you surrender to God and that you are then rendered powerless to the disease.
My guest featured today on Spotlight on eWomenNetwork turns all of that on it's ear. Teresa Rodden is a generational alcoholic who went the traditional route of AA and she was told that she was on a pink cloud and one day she’ll come crashing down. Well, that didn’t sit right with Teresa and she decided she was going to hop on that big pink cloud and trail blaze a new concept for curing alcoholism called, "HOPE," which stands for Having Other Possibilities to Explore. Teresa is the author of Wholly Sober, How I Stopped Thinking About Drinking and Started Loving My Life. She helps you understand what it’s like to be an alcoholic, why these traditional 12-step programs don’t work for everyone, and what HOPE is doing now to save those suffering from this type of addiction.

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