Your Future and Your Fortune is in Your Follow-Up


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We just finished our amazing International Conference and Business Expo, and I’m here to tell you that many lives were changed at that event. The Founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork, Sandra Yancey shares several different messages at the conference all around having a fulfilling life including not only business, but self-care. Whether she’s on stage or laser coaching in the middle of a room filled with a thousand people.. the audience is glued to her every word. Lots of tears and laughter transpire... but mostly lots of transformation is taking place before our eyes.
BUT… here’s the big BUT… if your transformation ends in that room… what’s the point. If you are at the conference and you have met other people who would be a great fit for you and your business, but you don’t follow-up.. what’s the point. As Sandra says.. your future and your fortune is in your follow-up..
So whether or not you attended the eWomenNetwork conference or plan on or have recently attended another networking event.. you need to pay close attention to my guest .. It is the amazing Sandra Yancey herself.. and she’s here to make sure that your transformation continues and you achieve your greatest potential in business and life.
You will learn:
A tried and true system for your follow-upAn overview of Sandra's 6 P's to SuccessThe biggest mistake entrepreneurs make that stops success in its tracks

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