S2 E12: Creation: One Dimension at a Time


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Understanding how we create is crazy powerful because it opens up possibilities for our life that we might not have realized was possible. Being creative is having the ability to think new thoughts. It's something we are all capable of. Wether we want to create something tangible like a project or we want to create a different life experience, either way we are using the same creative power to think new thoughts. Here's how it works, one dimension at a time:

MIND: Start with your thoughts. Creation begins in the mind (it's one-dimensional). It might be an idea, a belief, an identity shift, as well as desire. This is the most significant part of all creation, therefore our energy and attention is arguably best used in this space.

BODY: Deepen your intention through your body. This is where we go two-dimensional, and begin to take our thoughts into the physical world through writing them down, making plans, or simply shaping our thoughts into words and sentences. This is where details begins to become more real, and the "ball" is starting to really roll.

PURPOSE: Practice and celebrate the little wins! Once we have 2D plans, the next phase (if we have really done all the thought-work and have the desire and the feelings all up and going) is for the result to manifest in the physical world. This is the really fun part where we see the results of our work in the 1D and 2D world. Even small wins are to be celebrated!

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