Episode 261 - Jamie Jirak talks DC FanDome, Powerpuff Girls, and Buried Alive


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In this episode, the guys welcome back to the show the wonderful and talented Mind Gap All-Star, Jamie Jirak! Jamie is a writer for Comicbook.com, perhaps the world’s biggest Agents of Shield fan, and absolutely hilarious. They talk about her turn moderating an Agents of Shield cast Q&A and rubbing elbows with Agent Coulson himself. The dorks then discuss the shocking story of a woman in Detroit who was declared dead by paramedics and then found to be alive at the funeral home. The main topic of the night has our 3 friends dissecting what went down at the DC FanDome which gives Doug the chance to double down on his overwhelming cynicism about the Snyder Cut. In the final topic of the night, the heroes ponder the live-action Powerpuff Girls series that was announced and is being led by Diablo Cody.

Things end with another epic throw-down pitting one Agent Coulson vs. Nick Fury. Jamie clearly has a favorite in this fight and she lays down the hard knowledge to back up her choice.

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