Episode 265 - Ghosts in Gettysburg, Japanese Ghosts, and the God Paradox


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After a string of amazing guests, the dynamic duo thought it’d be fun to nerd out with just the two of them this week. The episode starts off with a bit of a discussion on a recent video posted of supposed ghosts recorded at Gettysburg. This launches into a much larger discussion on the concept of ghosts and whether or not they exist or if the evidence of their existence is compelling. Doug is a tough nut to crack while Justin tries to keep an open mind; eventually they agree most hauntings are probably just a nest of squirrels living in a house, unbeknownst to the owner. This conversation eventually leads into a discussion about Japanese spirits which then opens into a broader talk about many other cultures’ beliefs in ghosts. A quick pivot lands the dorks in the middle of the God Paradox, discussing whether or not an omnipotent being could create a stone so heavy that it could not lift it.

This week’s throw-down then pits the preeminent monster hunter himself, Geralt of Rivia, against Blade, the half-vampire vampire hunter. It’s a very even match and a great deal of good points get thrown around before a victor is declared. If you want to know how that ends you’ll just have to give a listen.

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