Episode 300 - Featuring Drew Dull


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This week is a very special week. 94.6 percent of podcasts never make it to episode 100 (stat check us, we dare you) and this small but mighty podcast has made it that far three whole times. The 300th episode of the Mind Gap Podcast is finally upon us and the guest couldn’t be any more special than the better half of 2 East 8th, Mr. Drew Dull himself!

Things kick off with the boys all rapping about how Drew never comes on the show despite being a part of the original naming of the podcast. They talk about the things Drew has been up to such as filming with his arch nemesis Matt Lamson, and the start of the release of Sid Penrose.

Whenever Drew comes around, the topic of The Marvel Cinematic Universe of course comes up since Drew is such a massive Marvel Fan. They talk about his love of the Incredible Hulk and his desire for his son to grow up to be like the Hulk.

Not long after that the real meat of the program arrives. The boys play a very modified version of The Newlywed Game which honestly doesn’t end up resembling The Newlywed Game much at all. What it does resemble though is some of the funniest conversation you’ve ever seen on the 300th episode of any podcast. With Drew acting as a very spirited moderator, questions submitted by the show’s fan base are asked to our intrepid hosts. It’s something that truly has to be witnessed itself as no description could do it justice.

After an amazing round of the not quite Newlywed Game this week's Throw-Down comes in pitting Tony Soprano against Walter White. This plays into Drew’s wheelhouse and he breaks it all down. This episode is one for the books and you had best just witness it yourself.

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