Episode 304 - Watermelon and Mustard and the WandaVision End Credits Edit


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On this week’s episode the boys kick things off with Doug trying the hot new trend of watermelon and mustard. It’s then revealed that Doug’s mustard had expired 2 years ago which spurs a donation drive to buy him some new mustard. Once the donations dry up, the boys move on to the story of Marvel editing the WandaVision post credits scene which makes Doug angry with nerds. This eventually spins off into a discussion about film and television franchises and their desire for more chances to be taken. Eventually the Throw-Down comes in for a landing and it appears to be under new management. A shadowy council of elders are now running the show and their first Throw-Down pits Tyler Durden against Mr. Hyde. You’ll have to tune in to see how this one shakes out.

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