Marriage Isn't Fair


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We will learn:

  • The problem with our current mindset of 50/50 fairness in marriage.
  • The three mindset shifts necessary to reshape your marriage or partnership.
  • How to make radical generosity a habit.

Nothing in life is fair. Including marriage. Not only that, but if you expect it to be, or try to enforce fairness, you may be killing your marriage, one negotiation at a time.

The thing about fairness in general is that it’s nearly impossible. No two people, situations, or things in general are exactly alike, so it’s extremely difficult to make sure that each person or thing is treated entirely equally.

But then how are we supposed to have an equal marriage if there’s no way to make it fair? Is there a better way to do a partnership than keeping score?

That’s what we’re talking about today. Our guests are Nate and Kaley Kemp, husband and wife co-authors of The 80/80 Marriage. Nate is also a founding partner at Mindful, one of the world's largest mindfulness media and training companies. And Kaley is also one of the nation's leading experts on small-group dynamics and leadership development, a TEDx speaker and author of 3 other books.

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