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We will learn:

  • Common conditions caused by excess adrenaline.
  • Why creative people are most affected.
  • How to regain hormonal balance.

Adrenaline is a powerful hormone.

It’s a big part of the body’s fight or flight response… you know the primal brain that kicks in when we have strong emotions like fear or anger.

But for a lot of people, this physiological reaction is overactive in response to modern-day stressors.

This can lead to excess adrenaline, otherwise known as adrenaline dominance, which may be a major underlying cause of a lot of conditions that are currently considered incurable.

What if the stress of our daily lives, or even just a genetic inheritance keeps our body in an ongoing state of fight or flight, even when we’re not aware of it?

We know that stress is one of the biggest contributors to chronic disease.

So what’s at stake? And how do we get our bodies and minds back in balance?

That’s what we’re talking about today. Our guest is Dr. Michael Platt, specialist in natural hormone replacement, international speaker, and author.

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