Would Life Be Better Without Alcohol? with Ruby Warrington of Sober Curious


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We will learn:

  • The real dangers of alcohol, even when consuming moderately.
  • How to conquer FOMA - the fear of missing alcohol.
  • Actionable steps for setting a plan for your sober curious journey.

Have you ever asked yourself, would life be better without alcohol?

Alcohol is one of those things… somehow we idealize it, like it’s the gateway to fun, but most often, especially as we age, it’s just the gateway to our own self-loathing.

Many of us have a complicated relationship with alcohol.

I know for me, even when I’m moderating, I feel like alcohol takes up too much of my brain space.

“Should I have a drink this weekend? If so, which night? Maybe I’ll have another glass. Eh I don’t need it. It’s been long enough, I’ll just have one more.”

It’s just too much. Why is it that even when I’m not drinking much, it still takes that much energy from me? Just in thought alone?

Well that’s what we’re diving into today. Our guest is Ruby Warrington, creator of the term “Sober Curious” and author of the 2018 book of the same title.

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