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We will learn:

  • How we unconsciously keep ourselves stuck
  • How to know if we’re lying to ourselves
  • And a 6-step Truth Process

What does the word “surrender” mean to you?

Or better yet, how does the word “surrender” feel to you? What do you feel in your body when you say it or think about it?

We tend to view “surrender” as something passive. As if surrendering means giving up our own will for someone else’s.

But surrendering takes on a whole new meaning when we pause to notice how many unnecessary and sometimes detrimental things we are clinging onto.

When you let go of the human stories you’ve been clutching, you begin to realize how fast you can move without all these anchors weighing you down.

And then you realize that surrendering doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve purged all those heavy stories and limiting beliefs, you open yourself up to a new level of surrender.

Surrendering to your soul’s mission.

So that’s what we’re talking about today. Our guest is Kute Blackson, inspirational speaker and transformational teacher with a mission to inspire people to access inner freedom, live authentically, and fulfill their true life’s purpose.

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