Alexandros Marinos: Systems Thinking, Organizational Structures, Building Startups, Remote Work & Control vs. Enablement | #51


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Nick talks to Alexandros Marinos, PhD, founder & CEO of the edge computing technology startup, Balena. They discuss the internal organization of complex human systems.
Alex talked about how he thinks about the organizational structure of his own company and how organizational structures impact group dynamics, growth, conflicts of interest, and innovation. One interesting area Alex provided commentary and analysis on towards the end is how to make sense of the behavior of large institutional organizations, such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

If you’re interested in complex systems like human organizations, how the internal structures of different organizations influence what they do and how they behave, and why human organizations can sometimes behave in deranged ways, this episode will be of interest to you.

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"The Methods & Motivations of Balena's Organizational Structure"
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