#27 - Being Intentional About Business & Life with Michelle Saya


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It's become increasingly obvious to me that life is far more enriching when we can bring our full and authentic selves to the work we do. Michelle Saya is a quintessential example of that. She's a business and life coach that works specifically with empaths to help them fully step into their self-worth and craft their calling into profitable businesses. If your someone that experiences a lot of friction at the contact point between life and work, you'll want to pay particular attention to this one.


Michelle's website: https://michellesaya.com/

Michelle's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michelle_saya/

The Empath State of Being: https://anchor.fm/empath-state-of-being


(2:30) What is an empath coach?

(6:15) When did you realize that you were an empath?

(13:15) After experiencing something like a workplace shooting, how did you cope emotionally and how did that alter your path?

(23:08) Thinking about your personal journey in the context of the work you do today, what does the process look like as you help people navigate their own experience and achieve the lives they hope to achieve?

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