#28 - Being Intentional About Pre & Postnatal Fitness with Jessica Sennet, Badass Mom, Trainer, & CEO of Mighty Mom


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Jessica Sennet is a prenatal and postpartum fitness specialist. We were neighbors here in New York City a few years ago as she was just getting started as a personal trainer. She now lives in Toronto as the CEO of Mighty Mom, a thriving online fitness brand providing women with safe & effective workouts that are also challenging. It's been amazing to watch Jess from afar, so getting a chance to reconnect and peek under the hood of her journey was a real treat. Enjoy!

Where to find Jess:

Website: https://www.mightymom.ca/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mightymomjess/


(4:35) When or how did you first become interested in health & fitness?

(10:40) Given that your college experience and the early part of your career were centered around the arts, what caused your focus to shift to fitness?

(17:27) Why the focus on working with moms specifically?

(27:13) How did you go about getting your first clients?

(31:58) You mentioned a change from thinking of yourself as a trainer to thinking of yourself as the CEO of your own business. What was the catalyst for that change and what did the transition look like?

(39:07) You mentioned changing the name from Work Out With Jess to Mighty Mom. Why the change?

(44:45) What's your vision for the future of Mighty Mom?

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