#29 - Mindfully Lusting For The Sublime with Carlotta Conca


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I met Carlotta back in 2009. At the time, we were both college students, me at New York University, and her doing a study abroad in New York all the way from Italy. Today, Carlotta is the founder of Lust For The Sublime, a luxury travel website that she created to document her extravagant and wide-ranging travels around the world and to inspire others to get out of their comfort zones and seek out the sublime in their own lives. Enjoy!


Carlotta's website: https://lustforthesublime.com/

Carlotta's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lustforthesublime/


(6:00) What does "lust for the sublime" mean to you?

(12:35) When did a fascination with "the sublime" or maybe a desire to seek out beauty, when did that begin for you?

(18:08) You got a BA in economics & management in Arts, Culture and Communication, then a master's in contemporary art. What did you envision for your life after school?

(23:05) When you started Lust For The Sublime, what was the vision at the beginning, and how has that evolved over time?

(30:10) Where does your "why not" mentality come from?

(39:00) Have you had strong female role models that have encouraged and inspired you to chase your dreams?

(47:52) Many countries offer luxury travel destinations, but I wonder if going to these places exposes you to the diversity of experience and the multi-faceted aspects of these places. What's your take on that?

(56:04) Given the nature of your work, you've been uniquely impacted by the past year. How, if at all, has this experience changed your perspective and your priorities going forward?

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