#30 - Being Intentional About The Role You Want with Cecelia Ticktin


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You know that saying about life giving you lemons? Well, Cecelia Ticktin must be running one hell of a lemonade stand! She's an actress, singer, and writer, and she made her theatrical debut in a tiny and somewhat obscure show called Wicked. But, more impressive than her theatrical accomplishments, Cecelia is a walking case study on pursuing your dreams. So if you're someone who might be ignoring that little voice inside that's calling you to your purpose, you'll want to listen closely to this one. Enjoy!


(2:45) When did musical theater first capture your imagination?

(7:35) Did people around you try to dissuade you from pursuing your interest in theater?

(15:19) You've spoken in the past about an experience during your college years that derailed the plans you'd made for yourself. What happened?

(22:25) Where does your determination and drive come from?

(29:50) What about the role of Elphaba was so intriguing for you?

(38:30) After all of your hard work, you landed the role as the Elphaba standby. What does that mean?

(40:37) What did you learn from being around so many world-class actors and actresses on a nightly basis?

(49:38) Once Wicked and the amazing experience that it was came to an end, what did you shift your focus to next?

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