#32 - Building A Community of Social Entrepreneurs & Wellness Practitioners with Cassandra Bianco


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Cassandra Bianco is the founder of Wellbeings, a collective of meditation teachers, healers, authors, doctors, and all types of thought leaders working to combine ancient wisdom with modern science to create a healthier workplace and a healthier world. Join us for a conversation on what it means to be a teacher, the power of transitions, returning home, and more.


Cassandra's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cassandra_bianco_/

Wellbeings website: https://www.hellowellbeings.com/


(3:15) What your first experience with mindfulness and/or meditation?

(11:50) How has your background and your childhood informed your path?

(21:25) After studying PR then working in saas and fintech, how do you arrive on the spiritual path that you're on today?

(27:35) You recently launched a community called "masters and mystics." What's that all about?

(32:30) What has working with a mindfulness or meditation coach done for you that you didn't get from your own self-directed practice?

(38:40) When did the idea for Wellbeings come to you and how do you describe the community & what you're trying to accomplish?

(45:25) One of your offerings involves digital wellbeing. Can you share a bit about what that entails?

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