S1E12 - Season Finale - Our Intimate Relationships with God


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In this lengthy episode, I sit down with four awesome and spiritually uplifting guests. Jew, Christian and Muslim. We all come together and discuss the one thing we all love to talk about: God. We converse about the way we converse to God, what is life without God, do we find ourselves drawing nearer to God during adversity or prosperity. What advice would we give to our younger or older selves as it relates to the Al-Mighty. We share our journey on how we found God, from suicidal thoughts to loving life (and God). Khadija shares her journey from scoliosis and rebellious ways to finding God. Asha shares her two major car collisions and her suicidal thoughts to finding the beauty of life. Emeth recalls the time when he had to take many buses to five different colleges, and how that time of solitude led him to God. And finally, Yvonne takes us back to her childhood as she narrates her Christian background but wasn't brought up in the Church. The story of Solomon had a profound effect on her. Tune in to this inspiring episode to find out more.

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