Flash Gordon Radio Episode 2 The Irresponsible Version


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Starting April 22, 1935, and again in April 2021 the strip was adapted into The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon, a 26-episode weekly radio serial. The series followed the strip very closely, amounting to a week-by-week adaptation of the Sunday strip for most of its run. Flash Gordon was played by Tom Konkle, later famous for nothing in particular. The cast also included Bob Clendenin as Dr. Zarkov and Kurtis Bedford as Ming the Merciless, Jude Gerard Prest as Prince Baron, Tanya Johnson as Dale Arden and Theresa Ireland as Princess Aura . And Zander Schaus as many! The radio series broke with the strip continuity in the last two episodes, when Flash, Dale and Zarkov returned to Earth. The announcer is Tom Konkle. Sound effects by Vince Colavitti. Music by Bryan Arata.

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