Portable Church Set Up Ideas for Youth Ministry


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Today, we are talking all about the best tips and tricks for how you can set up portable church successfully. Even if you aren't having to rent out weekly space to do your youth ministry in a mobile church, some of these tips will be helpful in how you can step up your tech and decor for your current youth room. For over a decade, our church was renting out a local high school to host our 2 Sunday morning services and our midweek programs were hosted at a completely different building. Every Sunday, we would have to set everything up and tear everything down and every Tuesday/Wednesday was the same thing. It was exhausting. Eventually, we moved into a permanent building, but we will never forget our time of having to do portable church: the lessons learned, the successes, the failures and the appreciation for what we now have.




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*DISCLAIMER* These items were listed because of their size/portability/price/brand reputation/reviews. Before investing into anything, always do your research to see what would work best for YOUR specific situation. These are meant to be a great starting point, but might not fit every youth group or budget.

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