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What's up guys in today's tutorial I want to talk about a web design in Minneapolis trend in particular which is an illustration I'm going to show you a couple of examples on B, hence I'm going to show you a website where you can find some of these illustrations. You can use them royalty-free on your web site without paying a penny. Let's jump straight in so take a look at this website here I found a couple of examples on B hands if you haven't already check out B hands net It's an amazing place where you can see all of the designers work and you can kind of learn what's going on in the industry And see how people other people are working and see what styles are, and you can you know, you can kind of get appreciation share with other designers. It's a great place to boil your design work so this Website is called Relief and it looks like it's some sort of medical website where you can log in get a checkup from a doctor. But particularly I wanted to show you this website. I wanted to show you the illustrations that they've used. So you see this bubble of fact it already got these simple illustrations about the face Illustrations are back in a big way, they were big in 2019 and it seems like the Roni being used more and more as it spreads for our 2020 as it doesn't become a trend but as it becomes a style in general.
For the design industry in Minneapolis SEO Company, but you can see when you use illustrations you can use quite kind of like pastel colors. They way they work really great very very simple shapes nice typography which is a bit more rounded. It looks like they've used gradients quite nicely here. So again as you go down this page this looks like it's some sort of homepage with, so get your header at your top. Then, you've got you your first illustration here. Then you go down. You have a couple more illustrations, then it looks like they've used them throughout the website, so they got looks like some sort of a contact section here with a questionnaire and you can see as you go along. That's the style, so I just want to show you a quick website, which is called on draw d'arco. So on draws It's a website which just has loads of loads of royalty-free Illustration. You can use meaning, you type in whatever you want ut the thing was on a door is they have this bull wolf style in the background. So I just went on undrawn I search for medical and you can see straight away. I found the exact same picture. That was used on this website here. So see the bubble over the plant and two doctors exactly the same picture here. The colors are different. So what they've done is they've downloaded the SVG from this website and they've just changed a few colors. So the great thing about on draw is this is fine. It's all legal to use you. Can you type in whatever you want, so type in home and it'll have a load of illustrations that by looks like the same artist all in this style and there's just you know, there are hundreds on here to use I finally have really good tech ones so pictures of like satellites and small homes.
For any projects that I'm working on, I think it's a brilliant website to check out but that's why I wanted to show you these really few websites first, but I'm going to show you a couple more examples of illustrations that have been used. So this is a good one and I just found them by a designer called Alice Lee, which is a skill to learn enough concepts and actually think this is one of the best and the most well-done ones.I've actually seen just I've already been looking at it for a couple of minutes, but a couple of things popped to me first off is the big chunky buttons. I'm a huge fan of that I like this font here and I like the way it's got the name and all different characters and getting the pastel shades which you know you're allowed to use when you do an illustration style. I like to weigh the illustrations pop out of the traditional camera, so the image would end here. But the illustration pops over and I think that looks nice. It's a nice little touch, then you can see they've used all by the same artist. When you're trying to when you're doing a website, try not to mix different illustrators together or if you have to try and keep them all within the same style, so you can see this works because they're all bright colors. They're all flat colors in the background. All these shapes pop nicely and they've tied in the colors. With the colors on these boxes here, see the nice round corner goes well with pastel then we got the yellow and the green text that really works nicely.
When you when you're selecting your box behind your text and if you click fill and then you'll normally get an eyedropper tool just select an element and select a nice color from the image. The reason this works is that the yellow doesn't happen that much in this image, but if they would have used red it probably wouldn't of work. They could have also used the green, but choose like a secondary or tertiary color from that image and it'll make your design really pop. I want to show you this Starbucks redesign that I found on an ambiance, so again look curvy background illustrations, this doesn't look like, and if maybe it might be a non-draw one. So let's just type in coffee. Who knows what you find a lot of websites you'll actually find this, so is there a picture of people having coffee? Let's just happen tea. I can't find him right now what sees the way that the people don't have faces the wavy background. This might be an illustrator who's done it themselves and It looks very own drawing style, but it's also got its own characteristics which make it nice. But the reason I wanted to show you this is that they've used these illustrations throughout the whole thing. Again it's got these pastel shades that are coming in. They've probably made these illustrations themselves for this and redesign the axed. But what Froemming faced was the wavy background and again, the background just using one or two colors from the image.
Minneapolis Web design craze which we talked about in a previous video, which is black white and one or two colors, so they've got the purple and they've got the yellow. That's the Jura tone they've then got a few of your muted colors in there, but the majority is payable in yellow. They've used these illustrations. For hours, it looks like an illustrator done this, and again a lot of people are going for these rounded corner boxes of illustrations that work for me, and then they've got these pastel colors again coming in. But if were the strong purples and blues, I like to weigh illustrations pop up the box, so these have got the blob as well. So this stuff seems to be all over the place this and I think under all probably influenced a lot of people or a lot of illustrators when they have this style and because a lot of people see on other websites. They don't think they'll include in their own designs, so again, you got to come on out some of these are very sweet illustrations and then the crack and lock on websites where they've just got a simple landing page with a logo a header and then the illustration kind of overpower the design. This has probably been done by an illustrator who wants to show off the illustrations, but the whole point in this lesson was just to show you. What type of illustrations were to find them? How you can use them on your website? I think I think they look really good and if you want to make an entree and website check out on the draw. If you haven't already check on a school that Anthony Conway calm, I've got loads of free resources on there and I've put lots of tutorials on there. It's growing every day with content. There's a community growing on there so I'd really like you to check it. I've put a lot of effort into that site and a lot of it's free. So, it's cool that Anthony Conway calm. Think about subscribing to the YouTube channel. I'm gonna put that lots more content this year and grow in a community. Let me know in the comments what you think about this lesson what you think about the illustration style? They like to draw calm the user in your work and until next time keep designing.

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