Ep. 42: Ryan Burns Talks Jealous Jerry + Pitino's Hot Seat and Rocco's Modern Twins


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Jerry Kill made a fool of himself on Tuesday evening when he went on national radio with an agenda to slander PJ Fleck. Unfortunately for him, everyone listening has a brain and knows what he said was false. Ryan Burns comes on the show to give us his inside take on the entire situation and then updates us on the current state of Gopher Football recruiting. Then, Brandon and I discuss why Jerry is so salty and jealous of PJ Fleck.
Then, we move on to the other coach on campus, Richard Pitino. The Gophers are on the NCAA bubble and Richard Pitino's job should be on the line. We discuss why it'd be the perfect time to fire him if he isn't dancing in March.
With so much negativity around town, it's nice to have some hope in the Twins and Rocco Baldelli is a big reason for that hope. With sweeping changes around Fort Myers for Spring Training, the Twins seem to be on the cutting edge of the MLB instead of being last to the party like we've been used to. Now..... can he win?
Lastly, who is to blame for the Kirk Cousins Twitter controversies? Should we feel bad for Kirk Cousins? Are his mentions getting out of hand?
Also, Charlie Coyle got traded right before the show and we know nothing about who the Wild got back for him. GREAT hockey minds!

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