MK306: All Those Sailors!!! (8 Uprisings Before Stonewall, Lavender Scare, VP Harris & Immigration, No Gay Love Island, War on Critical Race Theory)


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Ben Randle is back to help us celebrate and reflect on Pride month! But first the transition to post pandemy life seems to have it’s own set of challenges. Apparently there will be no Gay Love Island because we are a ‘logistical difficulty’... really?!?! We set out to solve immigration... or at least debate Vice President Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala that has both folks on the right and left upset, but are they both missing the facts? Or is the administration not taking the full historical nature of the US’s devastation of South & Central America into full account? As we prepare to celebrate the uprising that started it all we dive into 8 uprisings that happened BEFORE Stonewall! From SF, to Philly, to LA, our queerstory is rife with activism, on the backdrop of the Lavender Scare that set the scene of making being Queer illegal.

Guest Co-Host: - Ben Randle (he/him): Theatre director based in New York. His origin story is: Born in a theatre, raised in a club. He’s someone you want on your trivia team if the questions are politics, theatre history or Madonna. Follow him on Insta @BenRandleTheatre or


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