MK335: STILL Doin it for Ourselves! (Russell City, The 355, Insecure Finale, Yellow Jackets, Rotten Tomatoes)


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Lady spies + Jessica Chastain = has James written all over it as Nnekay already knew, James would LOVE the new action film The 355! Why didn't this move get any hype? Why are we still dealing with the double standard in hollywood? Is Rotten tomatoes irrelevant now? Can't we just enjoy movies for ourselves? Next up is Yellow Jackets, the Showtime series that’s part Lost, part Mean Girls, part Lord of the Flies, and has us hooked! Insecure has ended. We unpack this groundbreaking series and it’s ending. In the main korner Nnekay educates us on Russell City, originally established as a community for Danish immigrants, was a town in the west coast that turned into a vibrant black neighborhood, but what happened to it? Racism.

Guest Co-Host: Nnekay FitzClarke (she/her) The MK OG, Nnekay Ayana FitzClarke, Esq. Here to bring all the hoes to the yard with my thoughts, thots, and hots. A librarian, mother, and crafter with an etsy store that you should check out and buy my stuff. Also promote it. She wants to get that sponsorship goodness. IG: @nnekay

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