Think Like a Band, Not a Brand, with Beavertown Brewery's Marketing Director, Tom Rainsford (MDE437)


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Tom Rainsford is Marketing Director of Beavertown Brewery, the fast-growing London-based brewery, that was set up just ten years ago, with such recognizable beers as Neck Oil, Bones and Gamma Ray. Previously, Tom was Director of Brand, Engagement and Culture at the mobile network operator, GiffGaff, where he spent 12 years. With a mission to "encourage everyone to unleash their creative potential," Beavertown is not your ordinary company. From an executive team that professes to be a group of failed musicians, to a brand that prefers to think as a band, Tom is leading a standout marketing effort. In this conversation, we look at how Beavertown has come to break through so fast, what drives their marketing tone and outputs, how to recruit when you want to do things differently and the lessons learned that might help unleash your creative potential.

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