Tannia Ventura on Domestic Violence During COVID-19


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One of the most common reasons a person does not leave a domestic violence situation is because they don’t have the cash to do it. At FreeFrom, an organization dedicated to knocking down the barriers that prevent domestic violence survivors from holding economic and community power, Tannia Ventura and the team work to get direct cash payments to survivors so they regain their power. Tannia is the Director of Service Provider Engagement and Education and in today’s episode, we learn the ins and outs of getting those cash payments to survivors, how to heal the implicit mistrust of survivors when they ask for what they need, and what are the hopes and fears for the $5 billion dollars pledged by the Biden administration to supply cash payments directly to survivors. Mark and Tannia also dig into the fact that domestic violence needs to be solved at the community level and should not solely be the task of independent organizations, and what FreeFrom found in their independent research collected from surveying 1,000 domestic violence survivors.

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