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Family Ghosts is a (mostly) nonfiction show where real people investigate the truth behind myths and legends that have haunted their families for generations. These aren't ghosts with clanking chains-type hauntings (mostly) - rather, they're apocryphal stories that have been repeated over and over for decades - grandmothers who turned out to be jewel smugglers, uncles who vanished without a trace, aunts who stole corpses and hid them in undisclosed locations, parents who started cults, and much, much more. In each episode of the show, someone who feels like they might understand themselves better if they could get to the bottom of one of these mysteries tries to do exactly that, in collaboration with host Sam Dingman. Sam is a storyteller whose stories have been featured on The Moth Radio Hour, WBEZ, RISK!, and Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything, and Family Ghosts has been hailed as a critic's choice by NPR, The LA Times, Vulture, and the New York Times. Family Ghosts is a show about the presence of absent people, the long shadows they cast, and how telling their stories can help us finally step into the light. The families are real, the ghosts are (mostly) metaphorical, and the truth is always relative.

Family Ghosts has just launched their fourth season with a three-episode miniseries about a woman named Kate whose father mysteriously disappears in the middle of the night in September 1987. When twelve-year-old Kate asks her family what happened, no one will tell her anything - launching her on a twenty-five year quest to figure it out on her own. Along the way, she finds temporary solace in Washington, D.C.'s emerging punk rock scene, watches as her family's story is dramatized by David Simon on primetime cable, and ultimately uncovers a shocking secret that was right under her nose the whole time. From the industrial truck farms of East Baltimore to the newsrooms of New York City to Mount St. Helens, Kate's story has all the twists and turns of a classic murder mystery, but the real journey is Kate's own attempt to understand not just what she wants to know, but why she feels like she can't rest until she knows it. If you like the episode you hear today, you can hear all three episodes in the Family Ghosts feed. The series is called A Crane in the Bay - go subscribe today!

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