2/24/21 - MS Tax Freedom Act | Vaccines for Teachers & First Responders | Southern Remedy Health Minute | Racial Reconciliation: Part 2


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The House passes a reformative tax bill that could eliminate the personal income tax while raising other use taxes

Then, the Governor announces expanded coronavirus vaccine eligibility to teachers and first responders.

Plus, after a Southern Remedy Health Minute, the Winter Institute uses an art contest to engage the state's youth in the racial reconciliation movement.

Segment 1:

Mississippians could see their income tax eliminated if a bill that’s making its way through the legislature is passed by the Senate. Yesterday the House passed the Mississippi Tax Freedom Act - a plan to phase out the state income tax - with bi-partisan support. Prior to the vote Republican Speaker of the House Philip Gunn called it a historic day for policy in Mississippi.

Segment 2:

Teachers, school employees, and first responders can now schedule a coronavirus vaccine appointment in Mississippi reguardless of age or health condition. Governer Tate Reeves announced the expanded vaccine eligibility requirements yesterday. Reeves commended teachers for returning to the classroom in August and keeping schools opened.

Segment 3:

Southern Remedy Health Minute

Segment 4:

When former Governor William Winter passed away late last year, he was remembered and revered by many of his colleagues for his endless pursuit of racial reconciliation in a state with a complex and often harrowing history of race relations. His namesake organization, the Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation is conducting an art contest to engage youth in the reconciliation movement. In part two of our conversation with Von Gordon, he discusses the pandemic's role in recognizing the need for change and the mission of the art contest.

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