MixingitUpwithMaggi: Latinx Holiday Series 2 - Dominican Republic


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The holidays are here and we Latinx families carry over our favorite traditions and customs from our native lands to the US. Find out more about Dominican traditions and the ones we've kept as I sit down with the person who knows best...my mom (interview conducted in Spanish) --- Mixing It Up with Maggi is going visual! Check out our Youtube channel under PinkLeo Productions. http://bit.ly/2jjRuMM Check out our video where we show you how to make Dominican Ron Ponche! http://bit.ly/2zd2jbY --- Dominican Ponche Recipe: http://bit.ly/2iWRpBK My mom's Favorite Christmas Song : Marco Antonio Muñiz - Brisas De Navidad http://bit.ly/2C8PspX My Favorite Christmas songs from the Dominican Republic: Mi Burrito Sabanero http://bit.ly/1ufA2J0 Marco Antonio Solis - Navidad Sin Ti http://bit.ly/2C8P5vr Felix Del Rosario - Alegre Vengo Por La Montaña http://bit.ly/2AZABib ---- Maggi and her mom on The Feminist Tea Party: http://bit.ly/2AygmtR Maggi and her mom on Mixing it Up with Maggi: http://bit.ly/2Af2ZzJ ---- Follow PinkLeo Productions on IG and FB: http://bit.ly/2ndCAvT http://bit.ly/2AcRPKB Subscribe to the Youtube Channel: http://bit.ly/2A9B2Jk ---- Credits Producer and Host: Maggi Delgado http://bit.ly/2ndCAvT Guest: Ana Mercedes Youtube Music: Danzon De Pasion

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