Storytelling with Maggi: Scary Stories from Latin America: La Silampa (Panama)


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For the next 4 weeks Mixing it Up with Maggi will be honoring Latinx culture and the Halloween season by telling scary stories from Latin America. ------- I'm so excited for this awesome scary storytelling podcast! Join me and my friend, Sasha, as we discover the legend of La Silampa. Sasha, from Panama, will read out loud this scary story about a mysterious creature that roams the streets of Panama during cold nights. -------- The story is told in Spanish. You may follow along by clicking on this link: The story essentially is about: La Silampa: On winter (rainy for us) nights, the cold fog comes from the mountains is when the Silampa appears. It’s like a white sheet that flies over the field; it could be confused with fog. It catches any incautious who walks late in the night and wraps it up and sucks him/her and leave just the bones.

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